We have a solution for all your financial needs

Protect Family’s
Financial Future

  • Ageas Federal Life Insurance

    MyLife Protection Plan

  • Help your loved ones dream big and ensure to protect it

Build Wealth

  • Ageas Federal Life Insurance

    Wealth Gain Plan

  • A unit linked plan that provides you life cover and helps build wealth over the long term.

One Time Investment

  • Ageas Federal Life Insurance

    Wealthsurance Growth Plan SP

  • A single premium unit-linked plan that helps you maximise returns on your investment, with a one-time effort.

Plan For Child’s

  • Ageas Federal Life Insurance

    Wealthsurance Future Star Plan

  • A unit-linked plan designed to support your child’s future.

I want to...

I am years old

I prefer ...

Low Risk. Low Return Plans.

I am ok with moderate returns on my savings and do not want to expose my savings to any risk of loss.

Medium Risk. Medium Return Plans.

I prefer plans that give returns more than traditional safe investment options, even if there are some risks of loss.

High Risk. High Return Plans

I am willing to take high risk of loss because I know they come with the opportunity of high returns as well.

A wide variety of life insurance plans for all your needs

We are different. Here’s how.

Your Claim Is Our Top Priority

We have settled 95.79% of all claims made in FY 2018-19

Our Customers Trust Us

We are ranked amongst the Top 10 Most Trusted Life Insurance Brands in India by ET- Brand Equity Study.

We Are Built On Strong Foundations

We are backed by India’s leading banks, IDBI Bank & Federal Bank and Europe’s life insurance major, Ageas.

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